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Our users are encountering Instrument Errors 1027 & 1548 and on our BioAnalyzer. We tried to restart the instrument and SW but this message seems to persist. What should we do to resolve this issue. We also tried running diagnostics, but it seems like the instrument passes the communication test. Thanks!
  • Dear Vasus,

    Thank you for contacting us and for including the screenshots, very helpful. Those are instrument and computer communication loss related errors. To address the issue below are our recommendations:

    1. Please make sure that the minimum computer specifications are met for the software in use. Also, please ensure that PC regional settings are set to English US. Please indicate what is your instrument model #, software version in use.

    2. Please indicate how are instrument and computer connected. If it is serial to USB communication, we recommend using the USB-Serial Adapter Cable (catalog # 5188-8031; from us. We have seen communication issues with non-Agilent cords before. If serial to serial, then we recommend using the RS-232 Cable (catalog # RS232-61601) from us. When possible, serial to serial communication is preferred (less chance of running into communication issues, especially with non-Agilent computers). 

    3. Also, to prevent communication related issues, it is highly recommended to ensure there are no other devices/instruments (such as the NanoDrop) connected to and their corresponding software installed on the same computer as the one used to control the Bioanalyzer instrument, for there may be compatibility issues.

    4. Please also, ensure that there are no antivirus programs, screensavers, or other blocking activities running simultaneously. Check that no sleep mode is set and turn off any additional power saving settings.

    5. Finally, if yours is not model G2938A, you have been using version B.02.X and you have the license keys then you are eligible for free upgrade to the most recent version B.02.10 SR1 of the software from here after reviewing detailed computer requirements and installation steps in the read me file here.  


    Please let us know if there are any further questions. Thank you, Shweta

  • Dear Vasus, 

    An additional note, we have noticed that yours is instrument serial # DE13895741 and model # G2939A. Therefore, if you have the license keys then you are eligible for a free SW upgrade.

    Also, regarding 'error opening packet file for write', we have had a similar report in the past where this issue resolved after user updated the software. 

    Thank you, Shweta

  • Hi Vasus, Thank you for updating that software upgrade resolved the issue.


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