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First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.


I'm working as an IT'er at an immuno therapy company. They use the Bioanalyzer software for their research.

I've got asked to create a new user in the software and followed the SOP they provided me.

First things first: I've created a Windows user account for the user and then created his account in the software under users and roles.

However, when I get to the point to open the method file and add the user to the 'analysts' group I see an error stating that the file 'Is not released for use (version 1 of 1)' and i'm unable to add the user to the group.


See screenshot below.



I'm not sure how to resolve this issue so here's the question; can anyone tell me how to fix this? What steps do I need to undertake?


Thanks in advance!

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    Unfortunately, there is no Bioanalyzer section on the community at this point in time. Your best course of action at this point in time would be to contact the Agilent Bioanalyzer support team. You can reach them by emailing .


    NOTE: This support email address is for customers in North America. If you are from another region, then please use the following link to determine the appropriate Agilent contact information: Contact Us | Agilent

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  • Just came across this question and wanted to leave an answer, also if the post is 2 years old.
    The user management is available in 2100 Expert software with the dedicated "Security Pack" license key.

    In order to add more users to a method file workflow, you need to be logged on with the role "2100 Administrator", "Standard Operator" or "Advanced Operator".
    In addition, one of the following two conditions must be true:

    • Logged in user is the method owner
    • Logged in user is already part of the workflow, e.g. in the "Analysts" group.

    Please check with which user profile and role you are currently logged into 2100 Expert software in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • The method is currently in "Not Released For Use" status. To release the method for use, an instrument will need to be added to the method (See first red X in Method Setup Checklist). Once an instrument is added to the method, the "Release for use" button will no longer be greyed out and the method can be released for use.

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