Agilent 5100 torch melt

Today, we experienced a torch melt on our 5100 ICP-OES - see photo. Initial checks of our instrument have not revealed the cause. The following where checked:

1. Chiller on and coolant at correct level.

2. Torch correctly positioned in Rf coil.

3. Aux. gas flow set as normal flow of 1.5 mL/min.

4. Sample introduction system was cleaned the previous day, a spare intro set was placed onto the instrument (clean and dry).


In addition, we do not experience devitrification and no not run samples in a salt matrix.  


Any ideas of potential causes?

  • Hi,


    if the torch was clean and dry and the sample intro components like the spray chamber and peripump tubing were correct set then maybe a problem with the plasma or aux flow or the connections on the torch. please check if the connections on the torch holder are clean and dry.


    Or maybe the ignition settings are not correct. please reset the ignition settings in the Ignition page by clicking Default.



    als check if the torch is centered in the coil. If not please carefully center the coil.


    If the problem came back with an other torch please contact local support for further help.


    good luck and please let us know if the problem is solved.



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