Uncoded single element hollow cathode lamp

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Help me please, uncoded single element lamps Agilent fit for PG Instruments. 

These lamps meet the requirements:

Power type continuous current

Lamps come with a guaranteed lifetime of 5000 mA

Diameter 36 mm.

Part number:









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    YES the Agilent hollow cathode lamps (excluding those for the PerkinElmer instruments) use octal bases. The lamps will fit directly into any instrument that uses that type of socket. This includes the PG instruments AA systems. No other adaptor is required.
    The uncoded Agilent hollow cathode lamps are therefore suitable for use with AA instruments from most other manufacturers, which use octal based sockets.


    However you should ensure that you do NOT use the self reversal correction mode. Agilent lamps are not designed for use with that mode.
    When using self reversal correction, the HC lamp is pulsed at normal operating currents for the measurement of the total absorbance. To make a background correction measurement, a high current pulse is applied to the lamp. This high current causes line broadening and self reversal of the lamp - basically eliminating the resonance line of the lamp itself. This makes the lamp emission profile behave a little like a continuum source. The atomic absorption is reduced, allowing the background to be measured. But this high current pulse can damage the Agilent lamps as they are not designed for that.
    Therefore we can only recommend use of the Agilent lamps when they are used WITHOUT Self-Reversal correction applied.


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