How to clean SPS 4 probe?

I found major deposits within my autosampler probe after doing an analysis with MP-AES which the rinse solution (high purity water) wasn't able to remove.

How do I remove these deposits within both the probe and the autosampler tubing?


  • Hi Shane,

    We have a recommended regeneration procedure for the probe, usually used for ICP-MS to get rid of sticky elements that contribute to the background.  Note this is an aggressive strip and clean that you can only perform about 3-times before you will need to replace the probe.


    4-step rinse by pumping ~50mL of:

    1. Ammonium Hydroxide 1:1 dilution with Ultrapure water
    2. conc Nitric acid 1:1 dilution with Ultrapure water
    3. conc HCl 1:1 dilution with Ultrapure water
    4. Ultrapure water

    Aim to pump 50ml in 30-40 min each (@1.5mL/min)


    As Peter mentions suggest relook at your rinse to ensure it is cleaning out your sample matrix sufficiently each time.


    Hope that helps.


    Rgds, Gareth

  • This could be work for a sample probe of Headspace Autosampler? 

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