How to clean SPS 4 probe?

I found major deposits within my autosampler probe after doing an analysis with MP-AES which the rinse solution (high purity water) wasn't able to remove.

How do I remove these deposits within both the probe and the autosampler tubing?


  • Hi everyone, 


    Thank you Peter Riles and Gareth Pearson for the brilliant feedback. Prior to your replies managed to clean the probe effectively by using a very dilute detergent (Hellmanex III) in an ultrasonic batch. 


    The following method was used:

    1. Draw water through the probe into the tubing connected to the probe using a syringe.

    2. Submerge the tubing and the probe together into the ultrasonic bath.

    3. Ultrasonicate for 15 minutes. 


    Following this I noticed that the water alone was sufficient to thoroughly clean the probe itself however a small blockage was still observed in the tubing.

    4. Add a very small aliquot of detergent into the ultrasonic bath.

    5. Using a syringe again, draw the dilute detergent solution into the probe and tubing and submerge fully in the bath.

    6. Ultrasonicate for a further 15 minutes.

    No deposits remained on/in the probe or tubing.


    I then used Peter Riles advice of using the nitric acid (2%) as a rinse solution and this has functioned well at reducing deposit formation. If the need should arise in the future for an aggressive rinse according to Gareth Pearson's contribution, I will keep the method in mind.

    Thank you all!




  • Thanks for sharing your experience Shane so we can also learn from you - glad to hear you have had success!


    Rgds, Gareth

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