Dear Agilent Community,

My name is Knut-Endre Sjåstad, and I am a user of the Agilent 8900 ICP-MS system. I am reaching out to kindly request assistance in gaining a better understanding of autotuning procedures for this instrument.

I am particularly interested in receiving guidance on how to perform autotuning in practice, including setup with autosamplers such as the SPS4, as well as configuring parameters within MassHunter software. If there are any detailed documentation or instructional videos available on this topic, I would greatly appreciate access to them.

I apologize for asking such fundamental questions and would like to express my gratitude in advance for any assistance or resources you can provide.
For the time being, I use no-gas-

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
Knut-Endre Sjåstad

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