Tune Report Agilent 7900 ICP MS

Hello dear community,I have a small problem with the mass number lithium 7. I have already changed the hoses, rinsed and replaced Tune solution (shelf life until May).  What else could be the reason? Also, the Gd curve is not so nice. I'm out of ideas. I'm out of ideas. Can anyone help me with this?? Thank you in advance. Regards 

p.s. my english is not so good. I apologize for that

  • Hello 

    There seems to be a sensitivity problem for all masses range.  You have run the Tune , it's important to know which is the sensitivity in Performance Report from Start Up. If  Performace Report , the counts are similar than tune, please, replace the cones ( Sampling and Skimmer),another critical point to check is the nebulizer, you can run the nebulizer test from the Sample Introduction Tab

    If you don't have a new cones, please cleaning them, and after that, execute again Performance Report.

    If the sensitivity in Performance Report is recovered, please run Tune and check if the counts increase or not. 




  • Thank you so much..Sorry, it's new territory for me. I haven't been doing this for that long. But in my opinion, the counts in Performace Report are ok. Or not? I've already cleaned. But I only cleaned skimmers and cone in a meachan way. But not changed.

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