7700 Masshunter data not saving

I am having issues with data acquisition for Masshunter Ver 4.6 (on a 7700 ICP-MS). The data for each sample is no longer being saved as a bin file and the online data analysis does not automatically start when the first sample is run (as it did previously).  I have tried recreating a method and running an old batch with neither of these options working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • What version of Windows do is it running?  Go to the cell next to the logo (Type here to search) and enter winver and select the run app.  At top it should say Windows 10, at this time only MassHunter 5.2 is Win11 compatible.  2 lines below Windows 10 will be the version.  MassHunter 4.6 was evaluated up to 20H2, if newer (21H2 or 22H2) there could be compatibility issues.  If those are ok, backup your data and reinstall MassHunter.  Before you do, take screen captures of settings to make it easier to enter them after the install.  Attached below is a document of settings to make note of.  One thing not listed there, go to Activate MassHunter in the Start Menu and check which optional software packages you have installed.  You may need to locate the activation codes for MassHunter 4.6 and those optional software packages.  They should be in a blue cardboard envelope with yellow paper envelope inside. 


  • Thanks for the info Tom.

    The Agilent Customer Care Team got back to me. Earlier in the week the software would not load. I rebooted the computer, loaded the software and at that point the issue started. It appears some corruption had gotten into the software and the settings option for 'Data Acquisition without Da' had been checked. 

    Everything is running fine again now.

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