MassHunter Excel - ICP MS 7900

Hello,I have the latest version of MassHunter for ICP MS 7900.

Now I want to create a report. Do not export via LIMS. But on an Excel. He takes all the concentrations and mass. But not the first line where the elements are. I would like to transfer it to the Excel spreadsheet as shown in MassHunter. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Hi Kathi,

    if you click with the mouse on the point that is the red arrow on the computer screen (as in the image below) the whole Table will be colored blue.


    Then, with a right click of your mouse, you can find the option "Export → Export Table" (as below) and the content of the table is automatically displayed in an Excel sheet.

    I hope it helps you.
    Best regards,
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