Agilent 7500 saturated counts on tune report all elements

After power outage ICPMS 7500 came up with high saturated counts on all elements.  Nothing changed from day before.  


different tuning solutions, blank solution, Adjusting Torch position, lenses, peri pump, all with no response... Counts stayed high.

Adjusted carrier gas dramatically saw a slight change but not normal... these counts stayed high.  

Has anyone had issue before?

How do I check if Discriminator?  

(Note no Collision cell or He on tool)

  • Hello, 

    The discriminator setting is in your tune screen. If you increase the voltage, the signal should decrease. If you decrease the voltage, the signal should increase.

    A typical discriminator voltage for a 7500 is 8mV. If you change the value and nothing happens you likely have an electronic issue with the detector or detector electronics. It's also a good idea to compare your current tune values to a previous tune report to make sure nothing was changed by accident. 

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