Metal Analysis in Seawater

Hello.Wanted to ask for a protocol/procedure that will enable me to determine the metal concentration in seawater using the MP-AES. Thank you.

  • Which elements do you want to measure and what are their approximate concentrations?  

  • thank you for the reply. i am considering the metals cadmium, copper, chromium, lead, and zinc. as of now, i don't really know what are the concentration of each metal but i am considering that they will exist in low concentration.

  • Because seawater has % level salt, you would need to make large dilutions in order to analyze on the MP, and then I'm afraid your metal concentrations will be diluted below the detection limit.  

  • again thank you for the insights. how about using the methods used in aas for such analysis? is it possible to use them in mp-aes? like doing an extraction using DTPA or MIBK. thank you.

  • Hi

    Have a look at the attached file.

    Maybe DGT will negate the

    need for dilution?

  • thank you very much for the article and the information about a new way to sample and process seawater samples for metal analysis. my concern is the availability and the cost of the sampling device in my country. again, again thank you very much.

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