SPS4 Autosampler with bent sample standard mat.

Hi Community,

We have been using our SPS4 with our 4210 MP-AES for 18 months now, using kerosene solvent.   The sample standard location mat, the plate that aligns the sample racks, base of the abase of the autosampler, has become warped to the point that there are probe alignment issues in the 34 point sample rack in the middle.   It is most buckled  close to the location of the rinse.  We think its because of the rinse kerosene spilling.  Does this sound right?

There would have to be a lot of solvent , the polymer should be able to take kerosene.  there shouldn't be that much solvent being spilled to cause that problem. How common is this problem?

We have tries warming it and flattening it out, but that didn't work..  The replacement part is available, but about $750 AUD or $500 USD.  We have to get it, but i expect a part like that to never wear out.  Having said that - its available as a spare part, so others must be bending and breaking them.  What goes wrong with these things?

Any suggestion on how to avoid this problem? Or to otherwise fix the one we have? or a different design probe?



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  • Thanks jsh, Its a lot for a piece of plastic,  i don't really have that luxury as this thing is not within range of a university.  . i'm not even on the same island.   If i had the STP file i could get it made up easily.

    I do like the idea, now that i see it the holes that locate the rack arent that complex, we could reverse engineer it. but it should not happen in th first place.

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