ICP-MS 7700 had a problem with the possibility high peak beside 205 target masses

   Tuning is passed with high peaks besides 205 target masses , appeared a notice during making resolution/axis optimisation with failure test message 

I made a maintenance for skimmer and sampler cones , also x lens and the problem still exist 

thanks for help 

  • Hi,

    your Mass Axis looks quite nasty. I would suggest to rinse the system thoroughly and then do the Axis/Resolution again.

    It seems that you have a massive Lead contamination. Maybe your Tune Solution is contaminated as well.

    So after exchanging all solutions and rinsing the system with 1% Nitric for a while, run it again. 

    You also can run this setting with a 10ppb Tune Solution, in order to set the Axis to the right settings.


    Best of Luck


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