ICP-MS - missing QuantResults folder and batch.bin file.

7900 ICP-MS running Mass Hunter.  System had been running well, but suddenly for new runs, the on-line data analysis program wasn't opening, and upon further checking, it appears that for new runs, .d data files are being collected for the batch, but no QuantResults folder, which normally contains the batch.bin file, is being created.  This appeared after one user had used the system (running a different method where results are exported to an external program for laser ablation work), so it seems likely that somewhere, a data collection parameter got altered, but we haven't been able to nail down anything specific.  ("QuantResults" and "batch.bin" barely show up in the help screens.)  

Any suggestions of what needs to be reset?  


  • Check the option "Data Acquisition without DA" (Settings/Options/Data Handling). For regular usage should be Off. For collection of large amounts of data (like LA mapping) I would suggest to turn it On to save time. 

  • Maciek,
    Thanks!  Sorry for the slow response – the student who was hoping to use the system was tied up for a couple of days so we didn’t get to check it right away, but it fixed the issue.  I was looking in the wrong places for a solution – I assumed that a setting that would control how data was collected would be part of the method batch. 
    Again, thanks – you helped us out a lot!
    Richard N Biagioni
    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    (417) 836-4649
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