How do I import info to "Rack:Tube" and "Description" fields with ICP Expert Lims Import?


I am attempting to set up our ICPOES 5800 with ICP Expert to import batches of samples from our LIMS system. 

I have successfully imported Solution Label, Solution Type, Weight, Volume, and Dilution. 

I see the response where Tina Harville was able to import LIMS ID so I tried unchecking everything I didn't need. Our technicians use the Autodilution field in the software so I don't want to remove that from the table. 

Is there a way to import fields beyond the Autodilution field without having to import a value for Autodilution?  Is it possible to import which Rack and Tube a particular sample is in?

I have tried a number of .csv formats.  The most recent is:

Sample name, Weight, Volume, Dilution, Autodilution, Description
234822-01a, 0.123, 50, 1.0, , Sample 1
234822-02a, 0.127, 50, 1.0, , Sample 2
243439-34a, 0.123, 50, 1.0, , Sample 3
243439-35a, 0.123, 50, 1.0, , Sample 4
243439-36a, 0.123, 50, 1.0, , Sample 5

I suspect that the blank in the Autodilution value slot is a the problem here.  

Is there a more complete document regarding the LIMS Import that I can review to help me understand how to make the most of this?

I am using ICP Expert

Thank you,

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