Are we able to run "He" and "no He" in the same batch?


1. we recently test As, Cd, Zn, Pb, Ni and Al together, and found Al has small counts under He mode. 

2. we are trying to use " no He' mode for Al, and "He" for another elements to remove interference.  but I am quite confused about the instrument setting because it seems we can use "He" and "no He" under the same batch (see the below picture). 

Does it mean that the instrument will run "No He" first for all the elements, then run "He" for all the elements again? therefore we will have two set of data after the batch finishes?

or we can set No He only for Al,  and He for other elements. finally we only have one set of data in which Al is tested under No He, while others are under He?  if the instrument run in this way, how does it tune? 


Thank you 

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Di Xu

  • Hi Di Xu,

    you can measure Al in "No Gas" and the rest in Helium Mode if you want. Just set the integration time for all other elements in No Gas to 0 (or clear the elements in Element Selection).

    You can also measure the elements in both (or more) tune modes, and you will get for each tune mode seperate data. So feel free to measure in any comibation you prefer, but keep an eye on Acquisition Time, not to run out of sample.

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  • Hi Chris, 

    Thank you for answering my question. it is very clear. 

    I will run "no He" for Al, and He for others. Additionally, I will decrease the integration time for Al to 0.3 sec.

    Thank you

    Best regards, 

    Di Xu

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