SpectrAA Standard Additions does not calibrate


We are using a old but still functioning Varian AAnalyst 100 with it's SpectrAA 100 Software 1.1.

It seems like the software bit hasn't change much since so I hope one of you may have an answer.

We are using the standard additions method to measure lead in a turbid water sample (~ 4mgPb/L) made to teach the students this method.

The calibration windows shows the following standards :

  • Reagent Blank
  • Addition 1   (2mg/L)
  • Addition 2   (4 mg/L)
  • Addition 3   (6 mg/L)
  • Addition 4   (8 mg/L)
  • Addition 5   (10 mg/L)
  • Addition 0   (*****)

When the following sequence is measured the calibration curve does not appear and shows the following message "Addition zero value required"

Please note that when the addition 0 is measured at last, the absorption value is not saved in the system

We can still measure the sample value but the software will not calculate its concentration.

This is not a major issue as we ask them to make their own graphs but it is still frustrating nonetheless.


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