HP PC blue screen issue

Dear all

please we have a challenge with our ICPOES 5800 HP PC blue screen issue which seriously affect all of our currently analysis


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  • Dear 

    thank you for your feedback .

    please i'm so worring about this challenge .

    kindly we met this issue there is around 3 to 4 four months ago and reported the issue on plattform .

    so when transfer the data to our LIMS we connect the instrument and did an update at this time.

    so we uninstalled it but it's still gave the same issue "blue screen" after around 1 hr .

    we don't think so any other software was intentionnaly or manually  setup on PC .

    it's very stressful this problem.


  • If you contact your local Agilent support, they cal arrange a call for you, if the PC is still under warranty. Bluescreen issues are related to drivers and might be caused by any component in your PC, including the network card, GPU or any peripherals such as mouse, keyboard. 

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