NH3-He in the cell reaction

Hi, we have an ICP-MS 8900, and we'll work with NH3-He (10-90%) in the cell reaction. I read in the manual about the general precaution that should be taken to prevent the dangers and effects of Ammonia gas. Since we will use this gas a couple of times monthly, I would like to know if it is necessary to purge the cell gas lines after using NH3-He mix on the 3er Cell gas and how to do that. How to be sure the ammonia does not remain in the vacuum system after ICP-MS shutdown or power failure?

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    assuming the ICP-MS works as intended, then you have not to worry about the Ammonia. If you open the 3rd Cell Gas, Helium is always opened automatically. If you stop the Cell Gas Flow, then it will be evacuated with the turbo pump.

    If you have a power failure, then the cell gas automatically closes the valve.

    So you do not have to purge the cell gas lines. Just leave it installed, and if you want just close the regulator.

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