ICPMS Masshunter 4.6/5.1 script to auto-export every new sample incrementally to the same file


Is there any available scripts to auto-export every new sample in the online masshunter 4.6/5.1 automatically to a file?

Right now everytime I need to review data I need to right click and export to excel.

Looking for a way to automate this.

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  • Hi,

    There is a "UploadLIMSFile.icpms.scrip" script availble in the folder \Agilent\ICPMH\LIMS\ to run after each measurement.

    the script can be adjusted to the information needed to send to LIMS and the script can be run a as post sample script.

    good luck with setting up your script.

  • Hi,

    The above reply for the question "is there auto-export for every sample..." did not work for me. I use MassHunter 5.2 for ICPMS 7900.

    1. Checked PreBatch and PostBatch Script
    2. In “Advanced Configuration” ...> “Set Pre and Post Script …” …> Browsed to “UploadLIMSFile.icpms.script”

    The above points were configured in the MassHunter instrument control. I wonder if there are other configurations to be done in the Online MassHunter Data Analysis. What is the role of “Set Script File per Sample Acquisition” and where do I use them? Because I got a message for the script "Set Script File..." as missing.

    My 2nd question is how do I configure the header line, tried the “analyte” and “sample” configuration in the LIMS settings in Data analysis but when one sample is exported using “Export LIMS” the chosen headline and the headline in the .CSV do not match.


    NB: Is there is any help documentation about how to use script in MassHunter?



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