How to clean the torch ICPOES5800?

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after two measurements of gasoline samples, the torch was not clean. I soaked it in aqua regia for 4 hours, as in the user manual. It dit not work. Could you please give me some suggestions? What can I do to clean it?

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 torch after 4 hours in aqua regia

  • Hi Sophia,

    You can find the recommended torch cleaning protocol through your software Agilent ICP Expert - Help and Learning Center.

    * Home -> Maintenance -> Clean the Torch

    As the gasoline samples you ran are organic, organic samples will dirty the torch different to aqueous samples, by depositing carbon on the injector tip and tubeset. The only way to remove carbon build up is to bake the Quartz only part in a furnace or with a portable propane torch.

    Caution: *Do not put any part of the torch that contains plastic into the muffle furnace*


    To address your question and the image you posted, no further cleaning of your tubeset is required. Over time discoloration and cloudiness may present, depending on the sample types run. This will not have an effect on the performance of your instrument or the results and is only cosmetic.

    Replace the torch/tubeset when the outer surface of the quartz outer tube is rough to the touch (which indicates signs of wear), or if there are any cracks visible.

    I hope this helps.


  • If you put it in weak hydrofluoric acid for a while, it might get a little bit better, but strong acids or weak hydrofluoric acid can shorten torch life.

  • I must unfortunately disagree. 
    HF is not a good idea for this. 
    As James said, this „contamination“ is absolutely acceptable. 

    if you still want to clean the torch, you could try a muffle furnace.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Diluted HF as a last chance to get it from the torch isn't a bad option at all. Only if other cleaning steps doesn't work and the correct safety steps are made.

    But i agree, this contamination is acceptalbe. don't bother yourself by cleaning this torch when it doesn't give technical or measurement improvement.



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