ICP-MS 7800 error 1029

Hello, does any know how to resolve the error 1029 water valve sensor error/water valve malfunction. it occurs semi regularly and seems to resolve itself with no noticeable pattern. Restarting the masshunter program, the computer, the chiller, and power cycling are the troubleshooting tools that seem to work eventually. 

  • Hello,

    This error can occur when you try to go into Analysis mode before turning on the chiller. That would be the first thing I would check

    If that is not your issue, to troubleshoot the water valve- go to Settings and enable Water flow as one of your 5 meters. In Standby mode, with the chiller on the water flow should be 0LPM. If it is higher, your water valve may be partially stuck open. In analysis mode, the water flow should be >1LPM. 

    Hope this helps 

  • Sometimes the valve is just stuck partially open. If you go into your Hardware dashboard, click the sample introduction image, then maintenance. With the chiller on, click the box that says enable temperature control. Click it on and off a couple times, this will cycle the valve open and closed. Then close out of the screen and try to light again. If it doesn’t resolve it the issue persists you will need to log a service ticket and get the valve replaced. 

  • Thank you so much for the assistance and step by step. Cycling the valve through the maintenance window was key. I also will set water flow as one of my meters and monitor that it is at zero in stand by mode. Thank you both! 

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