ICP-MS 7800 Only Measures in P

Recently, one of my ICP-MS 7800s just stopped measuring in Analog mode. I've had 3 different Agilent techs out to look at it, and the P/A tune works fine, but when you run the instrument every single measurement is in P mode, no matter how concentrated. What could possibly cause the instrument to just stop running in analog mode? I've checked every meter, voltage, setting, flow rate, pressure, and temp possible. 

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    It takes a significant amount of counts for the instrument to measure in analog mode. I am curious if your EM start up task passes - I would like to investigate the EM log and the Performance report. Additionally, as a troubleshooting tip I would try to signal monitor 12, 56, and 80. This is C, ArO, and ArAr. If there are no other issues, these counts would be high enough that they would have to be measured in analog mode. Hope that helps 

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