Problems after replacing an EM

We had to replace the EM on our ICP-MS Agilent 7700. After installing the new EM,  

  1. we reset the EM voltage and run EM settings
  2. run dead time calibration, with 50ppb and 1 ppm Er solution

Now I am experiencing problems with three elements,  [40Ca (H2), 51V (He), and 53Cr(He)].  

Before changing the detector, 40Ca (H2) was in analog, while 51V (He) and 53Cr(He) were all in pulse calibration.


Our 40Ca (H2) is always OR ( over range); however, we never had this problem with the old EM, any suggestions on what else to try? Are there any other steps/procedures to follow after replacing an EM?


I have ordered a new EM, but I am hesitant to install it until I understand what is wrong with the current one.


Thanks to everyone in advance for their help.

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