Cracked torch

Hello everyone,

is it Ok to run ICP-OES with a cracked torch ? I face this issue almost every 200 samples or so.


  • Hi,

    i cannot recommend to use a cracked torch at all. In fact, the torch normally should last longer than 200 Samples (if we talk about a normal HNO3 Matrix). 

    What type of instrument do you have? Maybe the work coil alignment is not perfect. 

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  • Hello Chris

    I am using an Agilent 725 ICP-OES, and I'm working with organic matrix (kerosene, mineral oil, veg oils). I noticed a lot suits at the tip of the torch even when injecting O2.

    Any thought!



  • Normally with an radial instrument (standing torch) there are no problems. 

    with organic matrix, I guess you are using a conical nebulizer and a torch with a narrow injector. 

    you could try to increase the plasma gas and aux gas flows 

    this should help to present torch damages. 

  • Indeed, I am using a radial instrument with the appropriate nebulizer, tubing, and torch for organic matrix.

    thanks Chris for your suggestion.

    Any thought what is the best internal standard for organic matrix (i.e Y vs. Sc). when I used the Y , it's ratio keep falling down from sample to sample in the same sequence.

    sample Y 360.074 Sc 255.235
    blank 1 1
    2ppm 0.88 1.00
    5ppm 0.87 1.00
    10ppm 0.86 0.99
    blank 0.89 1.04
    QC 0.84 0.96
    blank 0.89 1.04
    oil1 0.85 0.95
    blank 0.88 1.04
    oil2 0.83 0.93
    blank 0.89 1.04
    oil3 0.85 0.95
    blank 0.89 1.04
    oil4 0.85 0.95
    blank 0.89 1.05
    oil4 0.84 0.97
    blank 0.87 1.04
    QC 0.83 0.97
  • Thank you Chris 

    yes we have radial view, the setup is for organic matrix.

    thanks you so much for the suggestion.

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