ICP Expert II software how to assign elements to be corrected with internal standard?


Can someone tell me please how to assign some elements to be corrected by internal standard, and skip other elements ?
them. I have an Agilent 725 ICP-OES with Expert II software.

Thanks in advance.

  • On the method editor tab when you are assigning your desired elements to the method you are using to run your samples, there is a column for each element to designate whether it is an analyte, IS or interference. The next column is to choose the desired wavelength. And the next column is where you set the IS. You can go to that column and click the IS you have designated in the method or None. Hope that helps.

  • Hello tpcardinal,

    that was very helpful! thanks a lot

    I actually have another question, do you know by chance how the internal standard is used in the calculation/generation of calibration curve and how it is used in the unknown samples as well ? I calibrate using Yttrium IS online and a multi-elements std solution that I dilute to 2, 5, and 10 ppm including a blank, I choose weighted fit, no force thru blank for the calibration curve. In sequence I set the mass of the sample and the total mass after dilution, I don't include the dilution factor. The results showed the Y internal S as ratios which full down a long the run. Not sure if the Y ratios are included in the elements concentration calculation and what kind of equation is implemented in the software (EXpert II icp-oes 700 seris) ?

    Thank you in advance.

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