Changing the coolant in a G3292A chiller for 8900 ICP-MS/MS

Hi everyone

Our 8900 unit came in late 2018. It has been suggested that we should change the coolant in the chiller. As far as we can tell we have no instructions how to do so. We can see the drain on the back. is it as simple as

  1. turning off the chiller,
  2. unplugging the power
  3. putting something under the drain.
  4. opening the drain and collecting all the coolant in a suitable container
  5. closing the drain.
  6. opening the cap on the top and putting in fresh coolant until the max level is reached

I did see reference to to having to clean a sieve that in the coolant reservoir and also having to add a bit more coolant as the level will drop once it is turned back on but it wasn’t clear

Any ideas



  • Hi Kevin,

    your plan looks very structured. But after opening the drain, you should open the cap on the top, to improve the draining.

    When the coolant is drained, you can check the sieve at the back of the instrument.

    It is located in the brass Y-Piece. Open it whit a 17mm wrench (you may need some force) and clean. Maybe you have to hold the strainer with another wrench, to avoid movement.

    When everything is put together (it is not necessary to tighten it very much to get it sealed), you can fill the Chiller with fresh coolant.

    Turn on the Chiller, and have a look for any leaks. Open the cap on the top of the chiller, and fill it completely with coolant. 

    You will need about 1 to 1.5 Gallons for this Procedure.

    I recommend to use the

    Agilent Cooling Fluid

    Best Regards


  • Thanks Chris.

    A couple of follow up questipons

    Is the sieve cleaned with water or clean coolant

    So if I understand this right, fill the chiller with fresh coolant, then turn on the chiller and look for leaks. If everything is okay then continue to fill until the max level is reached. We have coolant that came as part of the initial instrument set up so we will use that.


  • Hi Kevin,

    just clean the sieve under tap water. The rest of the procedure is absolutely fine. I assume that you have "Polyclear Fluid" which is also recommended (the Agilent Cooling Fluid is the replacement for that).

    Best of Luck


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