AAS 55B, calibration


I am having calibration issues for AAS 55B for analysing Au.  242.8 nm is used.

The standards are:  Au only 1,2,4,10 and 20 ppm in 10% HCl and 5% HNO3.

We have two AAS instrument. For AAS - 1, 10 ppm is consistently lower than what used to be, absorbance is 0.380-0.390.  We use the same set of the standards and read on the other AAS (2), 10 ppm was read 5-7% higher than the 1st AAS instrument, absorbance is 0.405-0.415 , but the rest of the standards have got similar reading.

Could some one help me?

Many thanks 

  • Hi LanWang

    I'm sorry that a response hasn't been provided. Have you been able to resolve your problem? If you have been able to resolve the problem, please let us know how you fix it.

    In case you haven't, I'd recomended.

    1 Optimize lamp

    2. Adjust signal

    3. Check  using a standard Cu 5 ppm the signal is aproximatly 0.55 Abs.

    4. Clean nebulizer, burner...

    5. Prepare fresh standard solution


    Best regards

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