when do we run "performence verification", semi tune and tuning for ICP-MS? are there any difference?

I know we need to run performnece verification with tuning solution befoe we run any test on ICP-MS to check the instrument condition.

but I also notice we need to run autotuning or tuning with tuning solution  before our batch really starts. and set parameters in the aqui method of the tests.

are these tuning the same? or the performence verificationn always has the same parameter setting, but parameter setting would be difference from case by case  for autotuning or tuning?

Thank you

  • The Start-Up (which includes the Performance Report) optimizes the hardware using Low Matrix No Gas settings. The goal is to optimize all hardware settings that is not method or matrix specific and the Performance Report (what you call verification) evaluates whether the ICP-MS is performing as expected.

    These hardware settings include Torch Axis, EM, Plasma Correction, and Resolution/Axis optimization. The most current hardware settings are all automatically imported into your batch.

    However, while the Start-Up does run a lens tune, the lens tune settings are not updated to your batch which is why we perform a Semi-Autotune for the batch. The only thing the Semi-Autotune optimizes are the lenses and nothing else. Since the lens tune performed in the start-up does not optimize for cell gases (i.e. He, H2, etc) or for other plasma conditions (i.e. General Purpose, HMI, or custom settings you might be using) that's why we do it before running any samples for a specific method.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Cheltajc, 

    do semi-autotune has specification or acceptance criteria? 

    I know performance verification has acceptance criteria (like sensitivity, resolution and background). 

    Thank you

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  • HI Cheltajc, 

    Thank you for telling me the difference between performance verification and autotuning. 

    Thank you very much. They are beneficial. 

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    Di Xu

  • Agilent does not provide sensitivity  specifications or criteria for the batch autotune because it can vary widely depending on mode, tuning parameters, etc. Typically a method will list required criteria if there are any or they are written specifically for your internal SOP. 

  • Hi Cheltajc, 

    Thank you very much.

    Now I have no questions about tuning so far. 

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    Di Xu

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