ICP MS 7800 Tuning values

Hello, we have an ICP/MS in our laboratory in Paraguay. We made the tuning periodicaly but I´m not shure about the criteria to evaluate the tuning. In the 7500 cx were: In No Gas Mode masses 7, 89 and 205; oxides and doubly charged; In He Mode just mass 89 (more than 1000CPS) and oxides and doubly charged to.
Wich parameters and values I need to verify in the 7800?


  • Hi Lucia, this is an excellent topic as proper tuning is essential to achieving good data.

    For the 7800 I recommend following the installation specifications and trying to achieve those. Installation specs are performed in low matrix plasma conditions with a 0.1 sec integration time. If you are running different plasma conditions you will have to be aware that the specifications will not be met as easily (i.e. General purpose, HMI etc)

    No Gas mode

    7 > 3000 counts

    89 > 10000 counts

    205 > 6000 counts

    Oxide < 1.2%

    Doubly Charged < 2%

    Helium mode

    59 > 2400 counts

    78 (background) < 100 CPS

    Hydrogen mode

    89 > 6000 counts

    78 (background) < 4 CPS

    Also, confirm your resolution axis settings:

    Axis should be +/- 0.1 of the actual mass and the W-10% should be 0.65-0.80

  • Cheltajc, than you for the information, is very helpfull for me and my team

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