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We are interested in developing a technique to measure trace elements in saline samples in an Agilent 8900 ICP-QQQ, as far as I understand they are samples that have high dissolved solids and that "dirty" the equipment quite a lot. What they recommended to us when they came to install the equipment is that we need some parts of the equipment that are exclusive for use with these samples. I wanted to ask you if you could give us some guidance on this.

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    everything above 0.5% TDS is in ICP-MS dimensions dirty.

    TDS stands for total dissolved solids. So everything above 5 g/l needs some attention.

    First you should use the U(HMI) Mode as the tune mode, to dilute the samples with Argon, which keeps matrix effects low.

    Second, is to install an Argon Humidifier (G8400-60700), to prevent the blocking of the nebulizer.

    If you are not able to dilute the samples, then you have a to deal with a higher maintenance effort.

    Beside the argon humidifier, the instrument itself does not need to be specially prepared for this task.

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