Lost communication to ICP5110?

I have an ICP5110 that had a camera peltier fault.  I have just replaced both the camera board and camera control board.  I have now lost communication to the ICP.  I am using the default address of  I can not ping the ICP, and have checked the cable connections properly.  The status LED lights solid purple for about 10 seconds, then flashes red for about 15 seconds and then flashes orange twice and finally goes off completely. What could the fault be?

  • Hi,

    to be honest, the possibility, that you damaged the instrument control board exists.

    Did you use a ESD Wrist Strap, during the change? 

    Check all the cables and connectors you touched during the repair.

    There is a tool, to obtain the instruments ip adress:

    The tool can be found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent\ICP\Expert\ InstrumentLocator\IPCInstrumentLocator.exe

    Maybe this helps.

    Best of luck


  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for the reply.  It is possible but unlikely that it was damaged during replacement.  The camera board is more susceptible to ESD than the main board.  What happened thereafter is that I got shocked while touching the instrument and the connected UPS.  It seems there is an earth problem even though the L-N, L-E, N-E measurements are good.  I did try instrument locater and tried to flash the firmware using a USB stick.  What is strange is that after power cycling the ICP, there is comms for about 10 seconds and then it disconnects.  I was hoping there is a way determine whether it is the main control board or the P500 board but I do not think this is possible.  Thanks again for the reply.



  • Hi Zaheer,

    you did a lot of digging…

    i would consider to test the instrument power supply. 
    or disconnect all other internal modules, like peri pump etc to check if the communication is then stable, and bring them back piece by piece to locate the faulty one…

  • Hi Chris

    Just thought I would update here.  I have another similar communication fault and was advised by my colleagues that this could be the front standby switch.  I changed it and the communication problem was resolved.



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