please we have an ICPOES5800 with we currently use for water analysis so we would like to use for solid or soil samples analysis .

however could you provide procedure for soil or solid samples preparation with Hot Block digestion method and setting of ICP expert for soil samples analysis.

thank you.


  • Hi,

    on this page or this page some information for the soil measurement could be find. Maybe this give you already the good direction.

    For the use of the hotblock you must choose the temperature program corresponding with the regulation/standard you want to use for. Most of the time the required temperature and acids are prescribed in the regulation/standard.



  • Hi Edgarvs

    please note that our first concerned is about the std solution for instrument calibration .

    shoould be possible to use the same std solution  ,we usually use for water samples to calibrate the instrument with for soil  analysis ?

    how the calculation will be done so taken by the ICpexpert software or manually calculation after  analysis ?


  • It's important that the standards has the same matrix as the samples. If, for example, the matrix is 10% HNO3 after sample preparation and dilution than match this acid concentration for the standard solution.

    To calculate the correct value for the soil samples you can use the volume and weight column on the sequence page of the ICPExpert 7.x. Then the calculation from mg/l (or other volume/weight) could be calculated to mg/Kg (or other weight/weight)

  • Dear Edgarvs

    perfect  and thank you for your response .

    another request's soil & sediment digestion with Hot block digestion which we usually use for matrix water  samples.

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