Elements have negative intensity on calibration blank and correlation coefficient is only 0.99

Hi ,
I am analyzing metal wear in lubricating oils.
I have issue with my ICP which showed multiple negative intensity on elements(elements ; Al, Cu, Fe, Si, Pb)  on the calibration blank. In addition, my correlation coefficient is 0.990 only. Because of that, results value are not within the target or acceptable range. do you have any recommendations on the possible cause ?

  • Hi Jackson,

    It's hard to say what's going on with the measurements due to the limited information. it's not really possible that there is a high negative reading for the calibration blank. Or maybe the background correction isn't good set, or there is a different solvent used for the blank compare to the standards.

    On what kind of instrument and software is the measurement performed. How many standards are used. what kind of solvent is used for blank and for the standards. And is it possible to provide a picture of the calibration graph and blank spectrum view?

    sorry for the load of questions but otherwise it's a walk in the dark. 

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