SPS3 Autosampler Part missing

Dear community,

we have an SPS3 Autosampler and it seems, a part is missing:

In the "accessory plate" there is a round disc with thread. The sample probe moves through it and is centerd by it.

It seems now, we lost this little thing, as it can be unscrewed from the plate.

Now the sample probe is sometimes hitting the test tubes walls and goes offline.

I was wondering, if this disc could be purchased as spare part, but I can not find it.

If any of you, dear users of SPS3, could take a photo of the part, that would also be very helpful.

Thanx in advance!

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  • Dear johnkane, Thanks for your suggestion.

    however, i mean the part "one floor lower". The needle also passes through the accessory plate at the lower right edge of the image. It has a relatively large diameter and a thread. I remember that we used to have a smaller plate with a hole screwed into it. Now there is no longer one and the needle is therefore probably poorly guided. Or am I wrong in my memory?
    Unfortunately, you can't calibrate the positions that the needle moves to in any other way with this autosampler, right?

  • Hello,

    To my knowledge and from what I've seen, there is no piece that screws into the bottom accessories plate. If the probe is moving vertically at an angle, it could be due to a bent probe

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