Zirconium uncertainty

While analysing Zr the concentration   changes  continuously when time progress.My sample  matrix is diluted perspiration solution. The aspirated concentration is100ppb. But the concentration  is gradually getting reduced when analysis is done

Further to above also we observed difference between major  and minor masses.

I also analysed Zr alone But same happened.

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    From the screenshot you sent, I can see that both 90Zr and 92Zr are reducing, as well as 78Se and 95Mo. This behavior makes me believe that the problem is not with Zr itself, but with something in your sample introduction system (SIS) or plasma stability.

    In order to mitigate this, you can:

    1) Clean the whole SIS, maybe change the nebulizer.

    2) Let the plasma on a few more minutes before getting started.

    I would like to know the following:

    1) How are the %RSDs of these elements?

    2) Are you running ISTD? How are their % recovery?

    Another possibility is that the last three solutions are a 50 ppb standard. If so, maybe the SIS is not the problem. You may have a stability issue with Zr. Check the mother standard and see what media is used to it (HNO3, HCl, etc). If you see any difference from the media you are using, add the other acids to your solution and see if you have a better recovery percentage.

    Hope this helps!


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