TMAH w/ Sapphire Inert PFA Kit for ICP-MS 8900?

Measuring iodine in 1% TMAH on ICP-MS 8900. We have the Sapphire PFA Inert Kit (not sure if 2.5 or 1.5 mm), platinum cones and brass base plate. Will our kit work with 1% TMAH or be degraded? I've noticed other kits for organic solvents have used quartz or platinum. Colleagues have said to run on no-gas mode but Shikamori et al. on 8800 used O2 cell gas on MS/MS mode to eliminate Xe contamination signal, any guidance?

  • Both sapphire and platinum injectors will work for 1% TMAH and your current kit should work fine. Both injector materials offer different benefits for achieving low background (sub to low ppt) for specific elements, but for this particular analysis either would suit your needs. The XeH interference on I is very small so it is often not a major concern.

    However, generally speaking I do run most elements in He mode and on single quad systems have gotten very good results for Iodine in He. I use a 1 second integration time for Iodine since it has a high ionization potential. 

    It is also very easy in the software to set up an initial calibration and reference material measuring the analyte of interest in multiple tune modes in the same run and then evaluating the data to determine the best tune mode for the application. You can evaluate which tune mode will yield the lowest background and best detection limits for your specific matrix. Hope that helps! 

  • Thank you for the response . I have another question. Would a glass nebulizer also work with TMAH? Do you recommend one over another (glass vs. inert)?

  • You can use quartz for TMAH without issue. The inert kit is primarily used for HF or when you want to achieve very low background.

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