ICP OES 5800 Torch cleaning Challenge


please we have Std solution Yterium 10,000ug/ml  for ICPOES so c

ould you tell us which concentration will be better for analysis ?

i expect to prepare for 1% of this std for analysis .

please advise.


  • Dear 

    as on above torch pictures so we have cleaning issue with our torch so we use normal procedure of cleaning of torch but we haven't able to remove this task from our torch so could you assist us ?

  • Hello ,

    If you have already performed the cleaning procedure, maybe this is intrinsically adhered to the quartz (use your finger to check if you can notice any crust in the marked area). I think it is not a point of concern... even with several cleaning procedures, torches will degrade with the use. If it comes to a point where your torch stars to devitrificate and brake, then it is time to replace. I would keep using as it is in the pictures Slight smile.

    How many samples (and what kind of) have you ran so far to get to this point?

  • hi Rodolfo

    thank you for quick feedback .

    up to today we have ran around 1500 samples (water) with this torch and it's the first for the instrument .

    should we have to be queried about our results quality  in futur analysis ?

  • Hi ,

    I don't believe your results will be impacted due to this torch marks. If you run QC solutions and they come out fine, there is nothing to worry about Slight smile.

    You will notice in the future that plasma lighting will be more difficult, and the %RSD of results will likely to increase over time. If torch cleaning does not make any change, then replace the torch of the outer tube, if your torch is semi-demountable.

  • Hi Rodolfo 

    thank you Rodolfo so we'll change the torch to avoid any problem with instrument .

    another issue is when run the samples like around 60 samples (one rack ) and the results come out so you realized the autosampler or instrument did not pick some of samples and gave the negative results for those samples .

    when happened so we rinse  the system and reselected those samples for reanalyze so what can be the root cause for this issue ?


  • Hi ,

    I would start looking at the sequence of the samples and if all samples have positions assigned correctly. I think the SPS wouldn't skip samples randomly, aside if there is any hardware or calibration problem. Please also check if you have the right rack assigned (60 posiitions, 90 positions, etc).

    One suggestion is to perform the SPS calibration with your local Support team and to double-check the sequence, if occasionally the sample position assignment is incorrect. I have seen some issues when using auto fill down and when we have to change any position during the worksheet execution.

    If you have double-checked the positions and it is everything ok, have done the SPS calibration and it is ok, you should contact your local Suppor team.

    Came to my mind now to set up a sequence and record with your smartphone the operation. Considering that each sample takes about 2 minutes to be fully read (including rinse times etc), you can leave your smartphone recording for around 2 hours to see if it skips the same sample or it is random.

    Best regards,

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