New Peristaltic Pump tuning

Dear All, 

Since we changed the old peristaltic pump tube (G1833-65569) to the new (5005-0020) one, we have had problems with the tune RSD%. With the old ones the RSD% were between 2,5-3,9% and now with the new one that all of the RSD% are above 4% and one of the are 4,9-5,2% which are out of the system suitability requirements. These problems are just in He and H2 modes.

I tired to roll up them.

Please help me with what can I do?  

  • Hi, 

    maybe the tension of the Peripump needs to be adjusted.

    Go to signal monitor and aspirate tune solution. Release the tension completely and tighten it, until the signal comes just right back.

    Then tighten the screw 180 degrees more. 

    If this doesn’t improve the RSDs, you can check the system without pump tubing (self aspirating). 

    Good luck


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