Full spectrum on startup

Hi all

I have run a full spectrum on startup to check for contaminations. I was surprised with the high counts measured for most elements. 

Does that look right? Am I missing something? The first line is the full spectrum and below is the calibration run after it. 


  • Hi, 

    indeed this looks quite dirty, but the standards and blanks are OK. 
    Normally you would run a full scan to see a dirty quad e.g.  

    This would affect the high masses like U 238 (high mass = high voltage, if there is dirt then arching is possible which would generate fake signals), but this has 0 counts, so absolutely fine. 
    what was the “full scan” sample?

  • Hi cschulz

    That was the first time I did a full scan. I did just with the other startup tasks. I believe it was just tuning solution? How do you recommend me to do it? Do I just change the vial on autosampler button on startup window? 

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