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I'm setting up an ICP-OES method for quantification of sulfur in FAME. Agilent has supplied me with a method where we can inject FAME directly. I want to use an internal standard in my method but the internal standards I have are all in aqueous solution. I would like to know if there are internal standards in organic matrix and if they can be added on-line or need to be added before in a sample preparation.

I'm using an AVS 7 switching valve and an SPS 4 autosampler on the Agilent 5800 ICP-OES.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello ,

    It is important to use organic internal standards in your application. Here are some ISs that might be useful:

    Yttrium (Y), 75 cSt Hidrocarbon oil, 1,000 ppm, PN 5190-8791 or 5,000 ppm, PN 5190-8792

    Cobalt (Co), 75 cSt Hidrocarbon oil, 1,000 ppm, PN 5190-8750 or 5,000 ppm, PN 5190-8751

    Scandium  (Sc), 75 cSt Hidrocarbon oil, 1,000 ppm, PN 5190-8775.

    In ICP OES, Co and Y are normally used as internal standards. Scandium is a second choice. You can quote those IS with Agilent.

    It is important to matrix-match the IS solution to avoid any transportation and mixing interferences.

    Hope this helps!


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