high alkali matrix method

Hi. I want to asking 

We are currently developing methode high alkali matrix, 

We have trouble in Torch, because our torch condition having damaged on outertube / or something derivative.

We have used icp oes 5110 easy fit torch 1.8 injector and humidifire.  

We need torch that can handle high matrix alkaline,


  • Hi,

    If high salt/TDS% is introduced into the torch some setting and torch usage should be considered. Especially for the alkali and earth-alkali elements.

    Best practice is to use the 2,4 mm injector and use higher gas flows for the aux and plasma. Most of the time this slows the process of damaging the outer tube and salting the injector tube dramatically.

    below a selection guide for best choices:

    ICP-OES Torch Selection Guide | Agilent

    if still fast degradation of the torch exist then a 3th party ceramic torch or the use of a optional gas flow to the nebulizer flow could be considered. But this is only for extreme situations, like 20-30% salt for al the measurements. 

  • Thanks for replying my questions, mr. Edgarvs 

    I Will  report this to my supervisor.

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