Unable to access parts of Method Wizard and HMI settings, 7900 ICPMS

I am setting up methods for analysis of seawater samples on our 7900 and naturally want to use HMI.
We do have the dilution gas line connected to Ar supply.

However when using the methods wizard I am faced with the problem that I am not given all the options to select from that are described in the ICP-MS MASSHUNTER  HELP -> Reference -> Workflow -> Creating a batch template using Method Wizard.

Specifically when I try and setup a method the wizard will jump straight from viewing the system configuration to the Preset Method screen, skipping Analysis Mode, Method Wizard Mode and the Plasma Robustness section.

Additionally if I then try to turn on HMI mode for the method afterwards, through the Settings -> Options -> System Functions, the button will be unclickable

I hope this turns out to be a simple error on my part.

If anyone is around with any ideas, I will be very grateful.

  • Hello,

    UHMI function requires a License pack for 7900 ICPMS. If this is a new install, it may not have been activated. If purchased- the license code is located in a blue Agilent software box, labeled with PN G5711-64000 in the bottom right corner. When this is located, open the Activate MassHunter screen, toggle to optional software, and insert the license code for UHMI. 

    If it was not purchased at install, please contact your Agilent Atomic Spectroscopy Account manager for a quote for this license. Have a great day

  • Thank you very much.
    This was exactly the problem. Apparently we had some issues with a windows update and never reactivated all the License Packs.

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