Detection limit of ICP-MS 7900

What is equation/method that the software uses to determine the detection limits?

  • You can check the help to read about the detection limit. Basically:

    DL = 3 * standard deviation of BEC (BEC will be calculated from the calibration standards with 0 concentration).

    Level 1                 Conc: 0.0000 mg/L

    Level 2                 Conc: 0.0000 mg/L

    Level 3                 Conc: 0.0000 mg/L

    Level 4                 Conc: 0.0100 mg/L

    Level 5                 Conc: 0.1000 mg/L

    In this example, BEC will be calculated from the first three levels. They all have zero concentration. 

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