SpectrAA Error: Cannot Create Worksheet


We cannot open any worksheet or create one due to this occurring error. Can anyone help us with this one? Thank you

  • Hi, 

    Please check below help contents.

    Daily Worksheet Limit Reached

    Too many worksheets have been created in one day.

    Possible causes include:

    • Transferring a worksheet or worksheet template from disk
    • Create a worksheet or worksheet template.

    When a worksheet file is created on disk, it is given a name made up of the current date, plus 2 alpha-numeric characters for example, 951221A0. If you create more than 260 worksheets in a day, the system runs out of unique file names and this error appears.

    To free up worksheet filing space either:

    • Delete unwanted worksheets with today's date, or
    • Transfer some worksheets out of SpectrAA using the Move command (see the Administration window).
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