8900 inert sample introduction system

Hi everyone, I really need your help! Our team want to quantify samples that contains HF. 

We installed the Inert spray chamber. Last time, we installed it and test if we could open the plasma and it was working. First time really using it. 

Now, we have issue with it as it says that the neb gas flow is low. The meter shows me that it is at about 0.77L/min. With the other assembly, it runs at ~1.06L/min. It tried to performed the torch alignment and can’t achieve it as the sensitivity is too low.


Argon tank is full and having good pressure.

Neb not clogged.

Sample tube 0.5mm ID, same tuning solution as when you came on-site.

Using PFA-54 ESI microflow neb.


Any idea what is wrong, any advice?

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