ICPMS ESI SC not opening but shows process in task manager

I've had an issue where the ESI SC program won't open. In task manager under processes it will appear there. I've re-installed the program but still no luck.

Last time I had this issue, it was missing some files in System32 (deviceParameters, SC Initial Settings...). I've made sure all the necessary files are there this time.

When I attempt to restart the computer I'm prompted with "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: fileNameWrite File" if I click Okay to the message another prompt appears

"Close SC Control? "ESI SC Autosample" program must remain running in order for the instrument to control the Sample Changer."

This makes me more confused since the program is running but not visible.

It's not appearing in taskbar or task manager under applications.

I've made sure there's no hidden screen or anything.

Other applications run fine, and windows is working as should, and I've done an sfc scan to verify.

Event viewer doesn't have any useful information.

This is running on a Windows 7 32bit computer.

Please let me know if you have any advice or experience with this issue.

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