MPAES4200-White residue on the torch


We have MPAES 4200. It has been used to measure diverse metal concentrations in nitric acid digested animal tissues. We are getting white residue on the torch starting from the first time use. The recommended cleaning solutions (aqua regia) do not work. Does anyone encountered the same problem and have any suggestions? Thank you!

  • The white residue may not actually be a residue, but may be devitrification of the quartz tube. This cannot be rinsed off with acid. The molecules of the quartz actually change their structure. You may need to consider diluting your samples if possible, so that the devitrification occurs at a slower pace. 

  • Dear Tina

    Good afternoon. Thanks for the answer. We are having the same issue with the torch. My question is, how much do we have to dilute the samples? We are analysing metals in soils and the samples are already diluted too much the MPAES barely read the sample



  • Hi

    I don't think that there is any fixed factor to know the limit of dilution.

    It's optimization based on sample to see that at what dilution it is not happening and result also acceptable..

  • I attached application book of MPAES for your reference.

    Hope, it will help...

  • What are the concentration levels in mg/L of the elements in your samples?  If the concentrations are already low, you can try increasing your read time to 30 seconds to obtain an improved detection limit. 

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