Name of SQL server for ICP-Expert

Hi there,

my SQL server "VARIAN" is not running an can't be started. I have created a new server and connected the data base that came with the software.

From ICP expert, I can't select the new server. Must the serrers name be "VARIAN" or can I use a different name? Where can I tell the software to use the new server?



  • The SQL Server name is usually the name of the computer that Microsoft SQL Express is installed on. If you change this name, the SDA and SCM applications will stop working. To fix this, the easiest way is to rename the computer back to the original name. If this is not possible, then an on-site service call would be required

  • Thanks for your answer. Maybe I didn't explain correctly the problem.

    Tha computers name is 'ICP' the service that is running and providing SQL access to the data base is 'VARIAN'. The service cannaot be started. I assume the files are damaged. I started a new server (named "SQLEXPRESS") on the same machine. It is running and working fine as long as i use the VSD administrator tool. How can I tell ICP-Expert software to use the "ICP\SQLEXPRESS" instead of "ICP\VARIAN"? Should I uninstall the old "ICP\VARIAN" SQL-Server (that is easy) and create a new one with the same name?



  • You cannot just switch between SQL servers. Since the server is the computer itself, in your case "ICP", you haven't created a new server. Can you tell us, what exactly did you do? SERVERNAME\SQLEXPRESS is a permanent expression that we use in newer versions of SDA/SCM. In older versions, it was SERVERNAME\VARIAN. I would strongly recommend to document each and every step you changed so far, beginning with the initial problem. If possible undo everything so that we can help you with the initial issue. Creating a new instance will not solve the problem, but it will make the things a lot more complicated instead. 

  • I have uninstalled the "ICP\VARIAN" database via and installed a new one with the same name. Then I have connected the new database with the last snapshot of our old database.

    Everything seems fine now.



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